The Centre aspires to deliver cardiac care in a most comprehensive and affordable way to a common generous. The hospital has well trained doctors, staff members and infrastructure to provide best cardiac care to the patient. In the non-invasive lab there are various packages to screen the cardiac illness and to treat appropriately with the help of trained staff and sophisticated advance equipment’s

The main aim of the Centre is to provide best, more experience and high technique cardiac care to reach to a common man, in a most economic and affordable way. Department has the best digital invasive cath lab, performs all types of diagnostic and recent therapeutic procedures most commonly angiography, angioplasty, valvuloplasty.

Centre is equipped with advanced Non-Invasive Cardiology tests which has Echocardiography machine, TMT, Holter, CCU, Emergency Services & Heart Health Check-ups. Apart from this, consultants participate in various health camps conducted by the hospital near surrounding villages to provide to patients and promote awareness about the cardiac diseases.